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You Are Innocence

Updated: Feb 22

The innocence of our presence on earth.




More thoughts creating innocence.

Clarity of being welcome, innocent and right.

Your space is the temple that you occupy.



I am innocent, and so are you.

I am innocent.

You are innocent.

He/She/It is innocent.

We are innocent.

You are innocent.

They are innocent.


The innocence of our existence is being called back into its righteous place.

All your mistakes, all your suffering, all your rage is innocence.

Pure innocence.

Come back to this word and repeat it often during the whole day:

- I am innocent. I am innocence. I am the innocence of this cycle of earth. I am innocence. I am innocence expressed in a body, expressed through words, expressed through actions, and through everything I move energetically. Conscious innocence. I am conscious that I am innocent. I am conscious that all that has happened in the past was for the me understand here and now that I am innocent. I am innocence, pure innocence. By being pure innocence and by accepting this fact, I send out a powerful message to the universe that all I do comes from that place, that all my actions, words, and energetic movements in space and time come from pure innocence. My innocence shows my surroundings that they are innocent, that time has come to drop the masks of guilt and celebrate our innocence. From a place of innocence I can say that: "I am sorry", and I can receive a "I am sorry". From a place of innocence I can experience this life with curiosity, allowing myself to enjoy and expand in directions that guilt was blocking. Now the roads are open again. Now the way is cleared, now I am innocence expressing itself through voice, movement and energy. Now I am the joy that knows that it is allowed to reach out through space and time. Now it is the moment to be innocent forever. May all actions come from a place of innocence, may all actions be in perfect alignment with my innocence. May all experiences I attract meet my innocence with innocence, and meet my joy with joy. May I be a shining light of innocence in this world, may I be a powerful peacemaker that shows how innocence is the answer to our current illnesses. Innocence. I am innocent.

All my past, all my present, all my future bathes in innocence. From innocence I give, from innocence I receive. Innocence does not calculate, innocence intuits. Innocence is the river stream that takes you back to your home the ocean. The ocean is abundantly innocent.

A tsunami is innocent. Innocence is the pathway to abundance. Innocence opens all the doors to a life that your dreams cannot even shape. Let innocence show you the way forward. Let innocence kiss your feet that walk this path. Innocence does not fear success. Innocence intuits. Innocence rather is success, it attracts the success of being in total alignment with divine grace. The highest frequency of love is bathing in innocence. Pure innocence, pure contact, pure joy. This is how your life shall unfold now, in innocence. Write that word down every time you think of it, let it grow into the strongest tree you host in your inner forest. Let innocence be planted so deeply that no one and nothing can shake it. Innocence teaches you self-belief, innocence believes. Innocence isn't naivety, innocence intuits. Innocence knows when it is time to do and when it is time to rest. Innocence tries out, innocence always comes back to innocence, and more innocence generates more innocence, attraction a whole energetic field of innocence.

In innocence human experience is to be seen, in innocence we shall come back together, may innocence be the intention to heal, may innocence be the seed that alchemizes all of the earths pain into more innocence, acceptance and travel back to the ocean. Innocence. Calling in the inner mastery of innocence. Make love to your own innocence. Spread innocence. See innocence in everybody. manifest innocence. Become innocence. Say innocence. Innocence Innocence. In all languages that you know: Unschuld, Innocence

Innocence you are.

Innocence you always will be.

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