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How to navigate the current times to find new focus and inner power!

In these times, it is our absolute duty, and more precisely opportunity to dream. We cannot keep on going against current circumstances, without holding a clear vision of what we truly want to manifest. We need to become so incredibly precise and sharp about what it is that we want to manifest. For this, the very first step, the initial spark is to dream again. It is to take that time off, find silence, and harness this excellent opportunity to dream. This is the absolute perfect opportunity to dream. The moment in which silence, void, nothingness settle inside and around you. Your mind can finally drift, imagination gets lit up. In your automatic mode, there isn't any space for creativity. Only acting out programs, but this world right now needs dreamers, this world right doesn't need anybody to fight against an illness, a system, a past pain. This has been the story for many millennials, just reacting, creating chains over chains of reactions. And in order to act from a new place, we obviously first need to find that new, that vision. The New is not available in the old, logic right? What we are acting out is ancient, the triangle of abuse. Victim, Perpetrator and Savior, being played out over and over again. As long as we go against what is going on right now, we are still stuck in the triangle. We can only become visionaries, servants of the earth and spirit, once we recognize our duty to dream. Your duty is to say STOP, BREAK, PAUSE, I am dreaming now, I am not moving, I will not take action in any kind of direction politically, socially, spiritually until my dream is clear, until my dream is so clear, that my only thought of it manifests the visions around me.

Let's take the example of Patriarchy. If we are going against Patriarchy, we end up putting men below women, which turns out to be exactly what men have done. We are only responding like angry children hitting back the one that has hit us. But is that truly what we want? Is that the big vision? Hitting back? Or do we actually dream of living a life in ecstasy with each other, experiencing unconditional love? Living love without conditions. In these times what we truly need is love. Love in all senses of the term. Love does not know restrictions. Dreaming is part of that unconditional love, it does not know restrictions. Your power, your minds reunited, your hearts gathering are able to change the climate. We are not separate from the earth, we are with her. And the power of our minds has created Pyramids, the power of our minds has created airplanes, that which has most affected the health of the earth, the power of our minds has created world wars, the power of our minds has created atomic bombs, and the power of our minds is able to create that which will cure us all, and organize a life in harmony, beauty, ecstasy. Just like our minds can create the worse, our minds can create the best. How would it be to gather all our forces, all our energies to dream a new dream? A new individual dream, a new collective dream?

I have a dream! WE HAVE A DREAM! Martin Luther King had a dream, and individually he materialized it. Now imagine WE HAVE A DREAM! We have a dream and that dream is ecstatic. That dream is full of love, that dream encompasses everything that we could not even dream of right now, because we don't know how beautiful it can actually become until we dream it.

This is my voice right now. This is the voice that I want to share with the world. I am now completely shifting my focus towards that new dream, the new. I have a sense of what it can become, but I need all of you to dream with me. I need every single one that reads this/listens to this right now to dream with me. Surrender and join the community in order to dream.

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